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California Safety, Health, Resilience and Equity (CalSHARE) Data Hub

California Safety, Health, Resilience and Equity (CalSHARE) Data Hub provides current health and safety insights to better understand strengths and challenges in local communities across California. CalSHARE brings together data from 20+ sources to allow state and local practitioners and other data users to view over 80 indicators of health, safety, and wellbeing at the neighborhood, county, and state level.

CalSHARE Data Hub can identify hotspots of need and strength across regions and draw comparisons across user-defined geographic areas. Equipped with CalSHARE data-based insights, we can set data-informed priorities and improve health equity, wellness, and safety across California communities.


The CalSHARE Data Hub is supported by the California Department of Public Health, Injury and Violence Prevention Branch, Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Program, through funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Injury Prevention and Control [NUF2CE002501].

This website was developed by a team with members from University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health (PI: Dr. Sabrina Boyce), California Department of Public Health's RPE Program, and Axis Maps, with insight and feedback from a wide range of state and local practitioners and data users.

Axis Maps is the map and web developer that created the visualizations that power CalSHARE.

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The CalSHARE Data Hub is still evolving and adding new features to meet the needs of practitioners and data users throughout California. We welcome your feedback! Please reach out to our team with any questions, concerns, suggestions or comments:

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